Book Release Date 1/15/20

“In a society that sends women so many mixed messages about what freedom, and love looks like, this Soulbook and accompanying Bag of Vibes has a clear, concise, and defining message of biblical & secular “Go to Guides” for women for generations to come.” ~ Valyncia Jennings, Gospel Recording Artist

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The Awakening Vibes Soulbook is the first in a series of soulbook designed to help you get out of that rut and live your best life.

The Awakening Vibes Soulbook was designed to go into the soul of
yourself and activate the strength needed for survival. An
essential part of your self-care journey depends on you
and how you view yourself.

The Awakening Vibes Soulbook has been personally curated
and designed by me as a resource for “The Strong Friend.”
You know her, the one who hates to be vulnerable? Yep;
Each one of the 16 vibes have been chosen because of
personal experiences that challenged me to face some
truths head on.

I am not a therapist, relationship expert, or life coach. I am
a Grace-filled woman striving to be my best self in a world
of chaos.
Everything I’m sharing with you I’ve overcome. I want that
for you too! Let’s face it, I know it’s not an easy journey,
learning to love and accept yourself authentically. At times
I felt lost, alone, and unsure of a safe spot to land….BUT I
I looked within, turned to my foundation and found my
Be open to the journey beautiful.
I need you to know that you are loved.

Bohemian Bap