Our Mission

Bohemian Bap is a brand dedicated to promoting emotional and mental wellness in the African American community.

Overcoming trauma can be a challenge. The journey to healing and self-discovery is unique to all who choose to walk that path. If there was one rule I would say, “Be Gentle to Yourself”.

As African Americans we can not only put too much pressure on ourselves, we apply the same to others. At Bohemian Bap we strive to provide support to the “Strong Friend”. You know her, the one who hates to be vulnerable? Yep; HER ... YOU ... ME!

In 2018, I started writing the first drafts of my first published work, Awakening Vibes Soulbook: Bohemian Bap’s Guide to Unleashing Your Power. What was initially created as a self-reflective, interactive journal for me, became a permanent reminder of the inner-work I had done.

In the fall of 2019 Pretty Brown Ink was formed to self-publish Awakening Vibes. As of today, Pretty Brown Ink has published 4 books by various authors. Our latest release, Queen Vibes: 10 Vibes for Powerful Girls, was created specifically for girls ages 9-14. Queen Vibes is currently being considered as curriculum for school counselors in the public-school system.

Our Bag of Vibes Awakening Intention Deck is one of few created with African American women in mind. Whether in your car, on the job, or flying the friendly skies our Bag of Vibes is the perfect accessory to set your mind at ease. More than anything else, we strive to remove the stigma that exists in our community surrounding emotional and mental wellness. Thank you for following along on our journey!

Bohemian Bap

Awakening Vibes Reviews

"In a society that sends women so many mixed messages about what freedom, and love looks like, this Soulbook and accompanying Bag of Vibes has a clear, concise, and defining message of biblical & secular “Go to Guides” for women for generations to come."
Valyncia Jennings
Gospel Recording Artist
“I love the way you have chosen to love you. I’m enjoying your book and the difference it will make in my life. Thank you for sharing.”
Ozie Taulbee
Fort Wayne, IN
"This is a really helpful book! I love supporting black authors"
Ms. Toni
Atlanta, GA
"This is truly my go to friend! Thank you again for this amazing gem. I reflect on myself so much through this book(good and bad). Each time brings me more growth. Your purpose was definitely met in my eyes."
Joi H
Palmdale, CA