Bag of Vibes – Awakening Intention Deck




With everything we have to juggle it’s important to pour back into yourself.
Intention cards offer daily intentions that help you in living a more mindful, positive, and purposeful life. Simply pick a card (they have a knack for being
chosen at the perfect time) and allow that to be the intention you set for the day.
Intention decks can also be the perfect aid to mindful meditation.

Here are a few additional ways you can incorporate the Bag of Vibes into your wellness routine:

Girls Night In

Assemble your tribe of sister friends for a day of self-care. Set the mood for a unique experience by lighting  your favorite scented candles. Place the cards all around your table to spark a heartfelt dialogue.

Artist Inspiration

If you’re an artist, you can use these cards to inspire you while you paint! Are you stuck with what to paint next? Pick a card from the deck, for example it might be the “Compassion” card. What mark or image can you make that represents that word? Maybe use soft hues in your next paint stroke, or make a heart or kiss shape.

Sip Some Tea

Brew a cup of your favorite tea flavor. The warmth of the tea will help relax your nerves and muscles! Grab the “Inner Peace” card and woosah sis.

Awakening Playlist

Play all of your favorite songs and start with the “Fearless” card! If you want, you can even dance around your house with a  friend or a pet.


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