Awakening Vibes Soulbook: Bohemian Bap’s Guide to Unleashing Your Power


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Losing yourself can be a hard pill to swallow. As a result life can become crippling. In order to find yourself again you have to dig deep.

Here’s the tea…. a few years ago I lost myself. It used to be an embarrassing thing to admit.

Facts: at times I was miserable to be around. 

Mismanaging emotions, balancing relationships, ignoring signs of grief and depression. There were times I felt like I was the only woman failing at life.

My authentic self needed to be awakened!!! I had a heart to heart with myself and vowed to sparkle once again!

It was a raw journey of self-evaluation.

I decided to share my process because I realized that, “I was not alone”. In fact, I’ve met so many women who tell me that, they too struggle with balancing it all and remaining authentic.

How’s your heart love? Does it seek an awakening?

Awakening Vibes is the guide you need to help unleash your power.

The Awakening Vibes Soulbook was designed to go into the soul of yourself and activate the strength needed for survival. An essential part of your self-care journey depends on you and how you view yourself.

The Awakening Vibes Soulbook has been personally curated and designed by me as a resource for “The Strong Friend.”

You know her, the one who hates to be vulnerable? Yep; HER…YOU…ME!

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