Triggers, Delays, and Disruptions

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Happy Monday luv bugs,

First of all what a weekend it’s been!
By now we’ve all heard the tragic news. I hope you’ve allowed yourself time to process. Trust me, it’s okay. It’s not unusual for events like this to trigger emotions that we thought we unpacked. You may even discover some emotions you’ve forgotten about. 
For me, this has brought up so many memories of the loss of my own father. I wanted to cancel everything scheduled but that’s the opposite of what he taught me. So, the show must go on.

Do allow yourself space to grieve and reflect. Write a letter, step away from social media, turn off the tv and go for a walk. Cherish your loved ones. Do your absolute best everyday. Understand that those around you are doing the best they can. 

If you ordered the Awakening Vibes Soulbook it’s on the way. If not, what are you waiting for?
Challenges arise and self publishing can be nerve wracking. I’m working with my printer to ensure the best possible version is in your hands soon. I’m also working on not being a perfectionist, but clearly it’s not as easy as it sounds.

As a thank you for your patience we’ve slashed the price on our Awakening Vibes Deck to $15.99! That’s half off just for you. 
If you live in Los Angeles stay tuned to my Instagram for locations that carry the Awakeing Vibes Deck. If you don’t, feel free to let me know of any boutiques you’d like to see us stocked in.
Again, this week may be tough for some of you. I’m praying that comfort and peace are with you.
Love you guys to life!

Embrace the Journey,  
Bohemian Bap